Investigate violations of civil rulings by the Supreme Court

متوسطخوبخیلی خوبعالیبسیارعالی (امتیاز دهید)

Claims resulting in peremptory dictum at initial stages can be reconsidered and appealable according to the case, and may either lose this capability by the repleader or be the same. In either case, whether the dictum is reappealed at the initial stage or after reconsideration it is reappealed, this dictum would be reconsidered in terms of the form in the supreme court and after the investigation, the referred department will reverse the dictum if there are reversal aspects in it, will postpone the case to the follower court to be revised. In clause 371 of civil procedure, it has been counted that these are recognizable based on form accordance, however one should take the essence of the dictum to make such accordance. These cases, the quality of their citation, and actions following the citation are among the topics of the present study.

Also, if the referred department realizes that the dictum is in accordance with law and the existing cases will confirm the dictum and refers the case to the court in order to be accomplished, in which based on case there are different dictums in terms of financial and nonfinancial affairs which are investigated in the present study.

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