The employer’s rights and duties in the social security Laws and Regulations with regard to legal security principle

متوسطخوبخیلی خوبعالیبسیارعالی (امتیاز دهید)

Workers are exposed to accidents and diseases. This is the origin of various events. Some due to technical failure such as shot blasting machine, mining accidents and some due to long working hours, fatigue, normalization and thus reduce the risk of persistence occurs carefully.

In the other hand, the social security system is the result of participation between four elements: Employer Insured, State and Social security organization, that each them do its duties base of the Laws and Regulations. In between, the employers as the major supplier of social security funds are the main audience for social security Laws and Regulations. Meanwhile there are numerous laws and regulations, lack of transparency and unclear and ambiguous has made difficult the Legal security for employers in the social security system that they always seek their rights through judicial courts or administrative tribunals.

But the split between employee and employer, according to different rules and it is here that social security plays a significant role. The social security system after going through different phases of organizational development stage and is due to universal coverage.

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