Ownership of immovable property by foreign companies

*** Dr. Morteza Amiri ***

متوسطخوبخیلی خوبعالیبسیارعالی (امتیاز دهید)

Claims that are allowed by the company or other foreign entities are required. The declaration must have the following specifications.

Citizenship, type of company or institution, date of establishment, amount of capital, type of operation in Iran, and the purpose of the acquisition.

In accordance with the law of its own government, the company or institute has legal personality and has been registered in Iran.

Determining whether a company or institution other than the property claimed in Iran has any other property.

The area of ​​the property sought, the profile, the type, the registration number and the place where it was made.

The foreign authorized company or organization must, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (h) of article 1, enter into an obligation that, if it wishes to transfer its permanent place of residence outside Iran, it must transfer the property for which the application is filed for a maximum period of six months.

The Office of Registry, after reviewing the application, has sent the copy of the application and its annexes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the said ministry will comment on the rejection or acceptance of the application and, if necessary, will be the prime minister (today the President ) And will issue the result to the Registry Office later.

Acceptance of the application for the cancellation is subject to the following:

A: The demand is not contrary to the rules of the government of Iran.

  1. Demand is not against the laws of Iran and the public order of the country.

(C) In the particular country of the applicant, the nationals, companies and institutions of Iran also have the right to own and at least the same amount of property to actually study.

  1. D) The area of ​​the demanded property commensurate with the number of families, the social and financial situation, or the type of business and the purpose for which the demand has been obtained.

Place of occurrence of demanded property in the border areas or points where foreigners are not allowed to enter or restrict them according to restricted or prohibited regulations.

In cases where the property is for the place of business, it is permissible according to the laws and regulations of Iran to supervise that job and, if necessary, have a license to engage in that pre-educated occupation.

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