Government accountability

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The government, as the gathering of organized social power, is considered to be the largest institution of community control. On the one hand, the government has the duties of governing the rule of law and, on the other hand, it has the greatest authority. As well as giving the government power in exercising power with many benefits in terms of regulation in the community, it can have responsibilities at the stage of carrying out and practicing such affairs.

However, given the fact that today’s state intervention in the legal life of individuals is more and more limited to declaring war and tax, it is necessary to create risks for individuals in the community. On the other hand, the lack of control over the power of the state in the conduct of its own affairs leads to a disruption of the general comfort, the lives, dignity and property of individuals.

One of the effects of the rule of law on the administration of the state and the government is the government’s responsibility towards the losses that others face. In the ideas of prejudice and sympathy, the power of the state and its responsibility are two concepts of a single object. Anyone who holds the flag of power holds the responsibility too. Governments, as any other legal personality, do whatever they do, it is the stewardship of employees and managers. For many years, the government did not accept responsibility either. This is because extollers of the government are responsible for their actions, and since the prosecution of the state by the courts is contrary to the principle of separation and independence of the state, it refused to accept any liability. However, the tendency of ideas to justice and accountability of the government over their actions undermined these concepts and transformed the principles governing public law into the principle of “government immunity” into the principle of “government accountability.”

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