Comparison of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the Declaration of Islamic Human Rights

 متوسطخوبخیلی خوبعالیبسیارعالی (امتیاز دهید)

First Discourse: Differentials and Contradictions of Universal Human Rights with the Declaration of Islamic Human Rights

The most important ways of differentiating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of Islamic Human Rights are:

۱ The dignity of Tehran’s best lawyer is a lawyer’s base of a judiciary

In the introduction to the Charter of the United Nations (adopted April 12, 1945), man was theoretically the founder of the international community, and the introduction of the charter was unveiled by the name of the United Nations, and its faith in the fundamental human rights, human dignity and equality, and the rights of men And women and all nations, both small and large, were spoken. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is based on natural rights, and it does not mean that human beings have been created with a fixed nature, and that the rights required by this nature are intended, but that human beings, inasmuch as human beings, and solely on the basis of their humanity, Is legal, and no foreign affairs should prevent him from enjoying these rights.

In fact, “human dignity” or “human inherent dignity”, which was considered as the main basis for the development of human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is the consideration of man as human, and man in this respect, dear, She is honorable and honest. Whenever man is to be considered human, and not for any other reason, his inherent respect and real value are taken into account and his human person is well-respected.

The foundation of the intrinsic dignity of man leads to the abolition of unrealistic privileges, the basis of “unity of men” or “universal unity”. In all three important international human rights instruments, human dignity has been emphasized: In the introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1947), “the inherent dignity of all members of the human family” and “the dignity and worth of human beings.”

۲ Role of Religion

The main difference between the two declarations is related to the role of religion, the Universal Declaration does not pay serious attention to religion and religion, and frees all individuals in accepting and choosing to change their beliefs, and no one accepts a particular religion or non-change Religion and beliefs do not compel or restrain. But in the Declaration of Islamic Human Rights, Islam plays an important role and the rights and freedoms set out in the Declaration are not met, Islam does not accept the change of religion and introduces Islam as the sole religion of salvation.

۳ The origin of government power

The Islamic Declaration of Human Rights has construed the power of the government as trustworthy to the ruler or the governing body, and the authority of the trust is that it is not misused, and therefore tyranny and dictatorship, and any form of abuse of power, is regarded as treason in lending And it is prohibited, and naturally, when Amin leaves the trust circle, he loses his legitimacy; as stated in paragraph A of Article 23 of the Declaration of Human Rights, “Providence is a trust that tyranny or abuse is strictly prohibited because the fundamental rights Man is guaranteed by this way. »

But the Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly states in article 21, paragraph 3: “The basis of the power of government is the will of the people. This will must be expressed by electoral processes that are carried out honestly and periodically. Elections must be public and equal. »

The ruling of this article derives from the fact that human being is a social being, inevitably, it must manage its social life by consensus and the best way to achieve this goal is to participate in the free elections of the people of that society and to select people representing the people. Is .

۴ family rights

The issue of equal rights for women and men or the elimination of discrimination in the enjoyment of gender-based rights is an accepted and recognized instrument of human rights. The Islamic Declaration of Human Rights affirms the equality of men and women in human dignity, but also points out that women have legal rights in accordance with their duties, which means that if they appear to be in some cases , The woman has less privilege because she has less responsibilities and responsibilities, not because she is a lower-ranking woman. However, the equality of men and women, as stated in other human rights instruments, has not been accepted in the Declaration of Human Rights. As an example, Article 5 of the Declaration stipulates the right to marry without regard to race, color and ethnicity, but has not given any reference to religion.

Second Speech: The positive points of the Declaration of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Universal Declaration

The general context of this Declaration is the same as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The emphasis on the inherent dignity and integrity of man, and the count of a number of essential rights, but the obvious feature of this declaration is the association of each of these rights with Islamic and Islamic principles.

– Some of the rights not enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or briefly mentioned, are set out in the Declaration of the Islamic Human Rights. Such as the prohibition of colonialism, the right to fight colonialism and its liberation, the right to confront rape of human life, the right to live in a clean environment, away from moral corruptions and having religious security and the need to preserve human dignity after worldly life, the prohibition of hostage-taking.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Religion is neutral and has sought to establish the rights that all human beings must have as human beings and make governments adhere to these rights. This announcement has no obligation for governments to promote spirituality and faith, protecting religion and belief, and not denying human beings any responsibility for this.

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