Police duties towards the offender and victim

متوسطخوبخیلی خوبعالیبسیارعالی (امتیاز دهید)

is a security and law enforcement Police agency that has the responsibility of preventing crimes in all countries, including the crime prevention unit. The Justice Department is a criminal justice representative that deals with citizens. For this reason, the police deal with people in the formation of the right or wrong way The urban security system is of political importance. The members of the police are trained and trained people who are involved in the prevention of crime. In the performance of their duties, the police carry out the following actions that directly or indirectly contribute to the prevention of crimes.

Supporting potential victims of crime, creating a sense of public safety through presence in the city and places where crime is likely to occur, receiving reports about the commission or the likelihood of committing crimes, attending crime scenes, alleged delinquency, providing services Advising and guiding citizens in the areas of security and crime prevention, providing programs and projects for the security of neighborhoods and urban environments against professional offenders, providing scientific and constructive suggestions for reforming crimes and adopting appropriate laws Well-known officials, the preparation of crime statistics, whether starting a crime, total crimes, sterilization or impossibility Associated crimes against property and security.

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